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Register for Gen Con Online Events

Like so many cons this year, Gen Con 2020 has been reincarnated as Gen Con Online. They just opened their list of events that virtual attendees can register for, and I'm proud to announce that Deck of Wonders will be running Learn to Play events via Tabletop Simulator every 2 hours for the entirety of the con!

Click here to view the calendar of Deck of Wonders events and get registered to play for yourself. Not only will you get to learn the game directly from the creator, but you'll be the first to see NEW card art being revealed exclusively through these events!

Deck of Wonders made its debut at Gen Con 2019 (kind of), and this year will be a homecoming that marks our final big event before our Kickstarter launches. If you want to get hyped for the event, you can read the work-in-progress rulebook here, or you can watch a demo playthrough below. I'm so excited to share with everyone at Gen Con Online, and I hope to see you there!

Click here to back Deck of Wonders on Kickstarter!


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Board Game Equity Pyramid

As I've gotten into game design, I've found many of the tools from my "day job" in brand strategy super helpful. I recently put out a poll to the game design community asking what brand strategy topics might be useful to them, and overwhelmingly the #1 request was for help clearly communicating the equity of a game to others. I mashed up a couple of brand strategy tools through the specific lens of board game design, and this is the result! You can get a blank template for yourself right here . Fill it out (either for the board game you're designing, or for an existing game as practice) and post your results here. I geek out about this kind of marketing stuff, and would love to deconstruct it with you! What about the template is most useful? What's not useful? What's missing? Click here  to back Deck of Wonders on Kickstarter!

How to Play Videos for Deck of Wonders

For those who prefer watching to reading, here's a quick rules overview for how to play Deck of Wonders! I'll add more videos to this as I'm able.

Deck of Wonders Late Pledges are LIVE!!!

The Deck of Wonders Pledge Manager is LIVE! Deck of Wonders is now live on Gamefound ! Those of you who pledged on Kickstarter should have an email in your inbox inviting you to the Gamefound pledge manager. If you missed the Kickstarter, you can get in on the game now AND help us meet additional stretch goals. As promised: late pledges will count towards those goals, and we'll be tracking our progress towards them on the Gamefound page . Speaking of stretch goals, our pledge manger launch comes with ANOTHER major announcement: Deck of Wonders is coming to Forteller, no stretch goal needed! You may remember that our most ambitious stretch goal was to professionally produce the Deck of Wonders story elements as audio segments via Forteller Games . We didn't quite reach it during the campaign, but there was still going to be a chance to unlock it through late pledges. Well, thanks to some fantastic partnership from Forteller, we're able to commit to Deck of Wonders audio RIGH