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Challenge Decklists

If you've unlocked all the cards in Deck of Wonders, try playing the decks below for a unique and thematic challenge! Thanks to the amazing Kickstarter backers who unlocked these decklists as stretch goals during the campaign. If you've found a fun or challenging decklist of your own, post it to the comments so other people can try it as well! SPOILER WARNING: These decklists use cards from legacy packs, so if you don't want their contents spoiled, don't read on until you've unlocked all legacy packs. Challenge Deck: Pixie Uprising Villain: Training Dummy Rule Cards: Core Emotions 4x Pixie Mesmerist 4x Pixie Cavalry 4x Pixie Cleric 4x Pixie Archer 4x Pixie Oracle 4x Pixie Assassin 4x Lightning Strike 4x Attack Wasp 4x Mutiny 4x Giant Scarab 4x Elixir Addict 4x Canine Companion 4x Prisoner Exchange 4x Avalanche Challenge Deck: Oops, All Trolls! Villain: Training Dummy Rule Cards: Troll Nest 4x Forest Troll 4x Desert Troll 4x Mountain Troll 4x Regeneration 4x Necroman

How to Play Videos for Deck of Wonders

For those who prefer watching to reading, here's a quick rules overview for how to play Deck of Wonders! I'll add more videos to this as I'm able.