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Deck of Wonders at Origins

 If you found us at Origins, start here! Thanks so much for checking out Deck of Wonders! You can sign up for email updates from Furia Games below: Get emails about Deck of Wonders * indicates required Email Address * Full Name Deck of Wonders is a solo legacy card game that captures the feel of games like Hearthstone or MTG, but in a solitaire format that evolves as you play. If you didn't pick it up at Origins, you can get it online here  through Gamefound. If you'd like to connect with me directly, feel free to email me at: dennis (dot) furia (at) gmail (dot) com If you're interested to learn more about Deck of Wonders, check out this demo playthrough:
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Forteller Audio is HERE!!!

Fully-produced audio for all of the game's story segments is available starting TODAY! This was our highest stretch goal during the campaign, and I can't tell you how proud I am of how it turned out. Everyone who's pledged will be getting an email shortly with a code to access the audio free via Forteller , and I can't imagine playing the game without it. If you haven't pledged yet, you can still do so on Gamefound through March to get the Forteller audio (as well as the PNP and the digital art book) for free! After that, the audio will be available for $3.99 through Forteller .

More From Furia Games

Thanks for checking out Deck of Wonders I hope you're enjoying the game! If you're interested in seeing more from Deck of Wonders and Furia Games, here are a couple things you can do: The next release from Furia Games is Deuling Pianos, a versus domino game. Check out the Coming Soon page on Kickstarter here . You can also  Sign up for email updates from Deck of Wonders and Furia Games  to hear about other upcoming games and events, including future expansions to Deck of Wonders! You can follow Deck of Wonders on the below socials, although we're most active by far on our Deck of Wonders Discord  Twitter Facebook Instagram

Challenge Decklists

If you've unlocked all the cards in Deck of Wonders, try playing the decks below for a unique and thematic challenge! Thanks to the amazing Kickstarter backers who unlocked these decklists as stretch goals during the campaign. If you've found a fun or challenging decklist of your own, post it to the comments so other people can try it as well! SPOILER WARNING: These decklists use cards from legacy packs, so if you don't want their contents spoiled, don't read on until you've unlocked all legacy packs. Challenge Deck: Pixie Uprising Villain: Training Dummy Rule Cards: Core Emotions 4x Pixie Mesmerist 4x Pixie Cavalry 4x Pixie Cleric 4x Pixie Archer 4x Pixie Oracle 4x Pixie Assassin 4x Lightning Strike 4x Attack Wasp 4x Mutiny 4x Giant Scarab 4x Elixir Addict 4x Canine Companion 4x Prisoner Exchange 4x Avalanche Challenge Deck: Oops, All Trolls! Villain: Training Dummy Rule Cards: Troll Nest 4x Forest Troll 4x Desert Troll 4x Mountain Troll 4x Regeneration 4x Necroman

How to Play Videos for Deck of Wonders

For those who prefer watching to reading, here's a quick rules overview for how to play Deck of Wonders! I'll add more videos to this as I'm able.

ALL the Art Reveals!

We've gone on an art-revealing rampage over the past couple of weeks! Check out these interviews with our friends across the board game universe to see several new cards and hear the stories behind them: Sleep - Dice & Dragons Pixie Cleric - Tabletop Rebellion Ent Hermit - Better Half Reviews Attack Wasp - Board Game Rundown Vengeful Spirit - One Stop Co-op Shop We'll update this post as more new art is revealed, and can't wait to get ALL the art into your hands when the game ships is February 2022! Click here  to late pledge to Deck of Wonders!

Deck of Wonders Late Pledges are LIVE!!!

The Deck of Wonders Pledge Manager is LIVE! Deck of Wonders is now live on Gamefound ! Those of you who pledged on Kickstarter should have an email in your inbox inviting you to the Gamefound pledge manager. If you missed the Kickstarter, you can get in on the game now AND help us meet additional stretch goals. As promised: late pledges will count towards those goals, and we'll be tracking our progress towards them on the Gamefound page . Speaking of stretch goals, our pledge manger launch comes with ANOTHER major announcement: Deck of Wonders is coming to Forteller, no stretch goal needed! You may remember that our most ambitious stretch goal was to professionally produce the Deck of Wonders story elements as audio segments via Forteller Games . We didn't quite reach it during the campaign, but there was still going to be a chance to unlock it through late pledges. Well, thanks to some fantastic partnership from Forteller, we're able to commit to Deck of Wonders audio RIGH