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Kickstarter Launch Date Announcement: August 25th!!!

You won't have to wait much longer to back Deck of Wonders on Kickstarter! As of today, we're going public with our Kickstarter launch date of August 25th! Savvy followers may have put this together already: our Twitter account has been tweeting celebrity names seemingly at random, with the one common thread being their birthdays are all on August 25th. You can go to the Deck of Wonders Kickstarter page now to follow the game and get a notification the second it launches on August 25th. You can also join our Facebook VIP Launch Party to get access behind-the-scenes insight and special giveaways. Click here  to back Deck of Wonders on Kickstarter!

Not-Overly-Kiddy Board Games to Play with Kids Under 10

I asked a couple days ago about games that were great to play with kids, but were also fun for adults and not overly saccharine in terms of the theme. The response was overwhelming! Well over 200 different games were recommended, some by upwards of 20 people. Since Facebook comment threads are near-impossible to parse, I took the time to aggregate the responses into the graph below. Note that I tried to catch misspellings or any obvious joke answers (noted with an "lol"), but some may have gotten through. There were also so many games, that I only put those mentioned twice or more into the graph. Please note that these are all games people suggested, so being mentioned even once is admirable. You can also see the full list in the table below the graph. Enjoy, and let me know how playing these games with your kids goes! Oh, and I'm launching my own game  Deck of Wonders  on Kickstarter in late August, and would really appreciate any support you could throw my way! Name Vot