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Challenge Decklists

If you've unlocked all the cards in Deck of Wonders, try playing the decks below for a unique and thematic challenge! Thanks to the amazing Kickstarter backers who unlocked these decklists as stretch goals during the campaign. If you've found a fun or challenging decklist of your own, post it to the comments so other people can try it as well!

SPOILER WARNING: These decklists use cards from legacy packs, so if you don't want their contents spoiled, don't read on until you've unlocked all legacy packs.

Challenge Deck: Pixie Uprising

Villain: Training Dummy

Rule Cards: Core Emotions

  • 4x Pixie Mesmerist
  • 4x Pixie Cavalry
  • 4x Pixie Cleric
  • 4x Pixie Archer
  • 4x Pixie Oracle
  • 4x Pixie Assassin
  • 4x Lightning Strike
  • 4x Attack Wasp
  • 4x Mutiny
  • 4x Giant Scarab
  • 4x Elixir Addict
  • 4x Canine Companion
  • 4x Prisoner Exchange
  • 4x Avalanche

Challenge Deck: Oops, All Trolls!

Villain: Training Dummy

Rule Cards: Troll Nest

  • 4x Forest Troll
  • 4x Desert Troll
  • 4x Mountain Troll
  • 4x Regeneration
  • 4x Necromancer
  • 4x Sleep
  • 4x Earth Shield
  • 4x Gnomish Gnegotiator
  • 4x Treant Shepherd
  • 4x Treant Hermit
  • 4x Giant Scarab
  • 4x Prisoner Exchange
  • 4x Poison Toad
  • 4x Baited Trap

Challenge Deck: Drawn Together

Villain: Training Dummy

Rule Cards: Chaos Pact

  • 4x Gnomish Servant
  • 4x Dominated Summoner
  • 4x Lightning Strike
  • 4x Treant Shepherd
  • 4x Guerilla Warfare
  • 4x Attack Wasp
  • 4x Giant Scarab
  • 4x Sensory Overload
  • 4x Elixir Addict
  • 4x Alternate Reality
  • 4x Forest Fire
  • 4x Empathic Bond
  • 4x Gnomish Gnegotiator
  • 4x Enthrall Enemy


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