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Media Coverage for Deck of Wonders

We're just 4 days away from launching on Kickstarter, and the love for Deck of Wonders is starting to really pour in! It's so exciting to hear everyone's thoughts on the game, and I want to make it easy to discover the amazing creators I've been working with, so below is a comprehensive list of the Deck of Wonders coverage so far. I'll try my best to keep it updated, but if you don't see your video or article just ping me on Twitter of Facebook and I'll get it posted ASAP!

UPDATE: Deck of Wonders launched on Kickstarter and funded in under 2 days! We're racing through stretch goals now, and you can check out the campaign page here.

Reviews & Previews

Circle of Nerds: Is it Any Good?

Hungry Gamer

Better Half Reviews

Board Game Time-Lapses: Overview & Time-Lapse

One Stop Co-op Shop

Dice and Dragons

Meeples on the Ground: Kickstarter Preview Vlog!

MalStorm Gaming: Deck of Wonders Preview

Logan Chops Reviews


Circle of Nerds: Let Fate Decide Playthrough

Optimal Play

Hungry Gamer

One Stop Co-op Shop

MalStorm Gaming: The Forest Fairies Fight

What's on the Shelf: Playthrough 2

What's on the Shelf: Playthrough 1

Downtime Gaming: Learn and Playthrough

Art Reveals

Tabletop Rebellion: Interview & Art Reveal (Regeneration)

Dice & Dragons: Interview & Art Reveal (Poison Toad)

Optimal Play: Interview & Art Reveal (Pixie Mesmerist)

Social Gamer: Instagram Live Takeover & Art Reveal (Hungry Wolf)

One Stop Co-op Shop: Podcast Interview & Art Reveal (Ent Tree-Herd)

Interviews & Articles

Optimal Play: Deep Dive Card Review

OMG! Nexus: Kicking Tables

Game Talk Network: Board Game Rundown 25

Game Talk Network: Board Game Rundown 24

Better Half Reviews: Instagram Live Interview

Tantrum House: Board Games on Kickstarter

Better Half Reviews on Dice Tower: Favorite Game Friday

Dice Tower: Crowdsurfing

Friendly Local Game Pod: Interview

1 Player Podcast: Interview

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How to Play Videos for Deck of Wonders

For those who prefer watching to reading, here's a quick rules overview for how to play Deck of Wonders! I'll add more videos to this as I'm able.

More From Furia Games

Thanks for checking out Deck of Wonders I hope you're enjoying the game! If you're interested in seeing more from Deck of Wonders and Furia Games, here are a couple things you can do: The next release from Furia Games is Deuling Pianos, a versus domino game. Check out the Coming Soon page on Kickstarter here . You can also  Sign up for email updates from Deck of Wonders and Furia Games  to hear about other upcoming games and events, including future expansions to Deck of Wonders! You can follow Deck of Wonders on the below socials, although we're most active by far on our Deck of Wonders Discord  Twitter Facebook Instagram

Board Game Equity Pyramid

As I've gotten into game design, I've found many of the tools from my "day job" in brand strategy super helpful. I recently put out a poll to the game design community asking what brand strategy topics might be useful to them, and overwhelmingly the #1 request was for help clearly communicating the equity of a game to others. I mashed up a couple of brand strategy tools through the specific lens of board game design, and this is the result! You can get a blank template for yourself right here . Fill it out (either for the board game you're designing, or for an existing game as practice) and post your results here. I geek out about this kind of marketing stuff, and would love to deconstruct it with you! What about the template is most useful? What's not useful? What's missing? Click here  to back Deck of Wonders on Kickstarter!