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Media Coverage for Deck of Wonders

We're just 4 days away from launching on Kickstarter, and the love for Deck of Wonders is starting to really pour in! It's so exciting to hear everyone's thoughts on the game, and I want to make it easy to discover the amazing creators I've been working with, so below is a comprehensive list of the Deck of Wonders coverage so far. I'll try my best to keep it updated, but if you don't see your video or article just ping me on Twitter of Facebook and I'll get it posted ASAP!

UPDATE: Deck of Wonders launched on Kickstarter and funded in under 2 days! We're racing through stretch goals now, and you can check out the campaign page here.

Reviews & Previews

Circle of Nerds: Is it Any Good?

Hungry Gamer

Better Half Reviews

Board Game Time-Lapses: Overview & Time-Lapse

One Stop Co-op Shop

Dice and Dragons

Meeples on the Ground: Kickstarter Preview Vlog!

MalStorm Gaming: Deck of Wonders Preview

Logan Chops Reviews


Circle of Nerds: Let Fate Decide Playthrough

Optimal Play

Hungry Gamer

One Stop Co-op Shop

MalStorm Gaming: The Forest Fairies Fight

What's on the Shelf: Playthrough 2

What's on the Shelf: Playthrough 1

Downtime Gaming: Learn and Playthrough

Art Reveals

Tabletop Rebellion: Interview & Art Reveal (Regeneration)

Dice & Dragons: Interview & Art Reveal (Poison Toad)

Optimal Play: Interview & Art Reveal (Pixie Mesmerist)

Social Gamer: Instagram Live Takeover & Art Reveal (Hungry Wolf)

One Stop Co-op Shop: Podcast Interview & Art Reveal (Ent Tree-Herd)

Interviews & Articles

Optimal Play: Deep Dive Card Review

OMG! Nexus: Kicking Tables

Game Talk Network: Board Game Rundown 25

Game Talk Network: Board Game Rundown 24

Better Half Reviews: Instagram Live Interview

Tantrum House: Board Games on Kickstarter

Better Half Reviews on Dice Tower: Favorite Game Friday

Dice Tower: Crowdsurfing

Friendly Local Game Pod: Interview

1 Player Podcast: Interview

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Not-Overly-Kiddy Board Games to Play with Kids Under 10

I asked a couple days ago about games that were great to play with kids, but were also fun for adults and not overly saccharine in terms of the theme. The response was overwhelming! Well over 200 different games were recommended, some by upwards of 20 people. Since Facebook comment threads are near-impossible to parse, I took the time to aggregate the responses into the graph below. Note that I tried to catch misspellings or any obvious joke answers (noted with an "lol"), but some may have gotten through. There were also so many games, that I only put those mentioned twice or more into the graph. Please note that these are all games people suggested, so being mentioned even once is admirable. You can also see the full list in the table below the graph. Enjoy, and let me know how playing these games with your kids goes! Oh, and I'm launching my own game  Deck of Wonders  on Kickstarter in late August, and would really appreciate any support you could throw my way! Name Vot

Play the Deck of Wonders Demo in TTS

Ahead of our Kickstarter launch on August 25th, I know people will be curious as to how Deck of Wonders actually plays. You can watch a demo playthrough or an explainer video (both posted below), or even read the rulebook , but there's really no substitute for jumping in and actually playing the game for yourself. That's why I'm excited to announce that the Deck of Wonders demo is now publicly available on Tabletop Simulator!!! Just follow this link to get the Deck of Wonders demo mod for Tabletop Simulator on Steam, and match wits against Cullin, the Spoiled Prince. If you're not familiar with how to get everything set up, you can use this guide . Good luck, and I hope this piques your interest to support the full game when it launches on Kickstarter August 25th! To hear me walk through the rules and mechanics, check out this video: To watch a full game playthrough of Deck of Wonders, check out this video: Click here to back Deck of Wonders on Kickstarter!

Deck of Wonders - All Revealed Card Art

 Deck of Wonders is here, and it's time to celebrate! You might be a backer, considering backing, or just a fan of Lauren Brown , but no matter what I hope you'll be delighted by this omnibus of all revealed card art below! Please consider backing Deck of Wonders on Kickstarter . Because we funded in the first 48 hours, ALL backers will get the full Deck of Wonders Digital Artbook for FREE! It will include over 50 dual-sided works of art from Lauren Brown (like the ones below), both in and out of template. Check out our Community Art Challenge if you'd like to see more art, contribute your own, and potentially win a FREE copy of Deck of Wonders! Thanks, and enjoy! NEW ART revealed through the Kickstarter campaign: Click here  to back Deck of Wonders on Kickstarter!