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All About Deck of Wonders

Deck of Wonders coming soon

The Deck of Wonders coming soon page is live on Kickstarter!!!
This is a major milestone in the sprint to launching the Kickstarter campaign, and you can check out the Deck of Wonders coming soon page here. Condensing this game down to a single image and sentence was an agonizing process, so I wanted to share more detail about the game on this blog. Below is a more detailed (though still very high-level) description of Deck of Wonders that hopefully makes you even more excited than the coming soon page did! All of this is obviously work-in-progress, and that means your input (in the comments of this article or on any of my socials) can help shape Deck of Wonders into it's final form. Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

Deck of Wonders

You have stolen the Deck of Wonders from Fate herself, and now she's unleashing all manner of magical minions to take it back! Her Villains beset you on all sides, and you must out-play them with the Deck of Wonders, even as they try to stack the deck against you.

Deck of Wonders is a 1-player expandable card game with legacy elements. It captures the feel of playing collectable card games like Hearthstone and MTG, but in a solo format that evolves as you play. Defeating Villains progressively unlocks new cards, challenges, and other twists, transforming the deck into a unique reflection of your decisions and accomplishments!

1 Player | 13+ | 10-15 Minutes | Medium/Heavy Strategy

Pick a Fight

Start the game by choosing which Villain to square off against. Each one has special rules you must follow and special cards you must use while facing them. Each Villain also has their own set of legacy cards that you can only unlock by completing specific objectives while fighting them.

  • Cullin, the Spoiled Prince

    • The pompous ruler of an enchanted forest. Considers himself favored by Fate, and can’t stand you stealing her attention (even if it’s negative attention).

    • Midrange/Tempo playstyle

  • Aurora, the Empath

    • A powerful fae, unceasingly immersed in the emotions of all beings around her. Worships Fate as the ultimate source of joy and suffering.

    • Aggro/Combo playstyle

  • Enthraller Byzantus

    • A sorcerer obsessed with bending others to his will. Hates Fate for having the power he desires, and believes the Deck of Wonders would allow him to take her power for himself.

    • Control playstyle

Build Your Deck

The Villain’s cards make up half your deck. The other half is built from your collection of cards in one of 3 ways:

  • Pre-Made

    • Each Villain has a suggested set of cards to add from your collection to get you started.

    • Guarantees a tough but attainable challenge.

  • Constructed

    • You decide which cards from your collection to use, tailoring your deck in response to each Villain’s unique cards and rules.

    • Allows you to maximize your chances through smart deckbuilding.

  • Fated

    • Shuffle your collection, and deal random cards to complete your deck.

    • Completely unpredictable: how well can you play the hand you’re dealt?

Every card has a good side and an evil side, which are used when the card is drawn on the Player turn and the Villain turn, respectively. This has a balancing effect on decks: if a card has a powerful minion on the good side, there’s likely something equally powerful on the evil side. This means you have to carefully weigh the benefits and dangers of each side when deckbuilding, as well as how those sides interact with other cards and the Villain’s unique rules.

Forest Troll card example

Out-Play Fate

With your deck built, you and the Villain will take turns drawing cards, summoning minions, and casting spells to vie for control. The overall objective is to reduce the Villain to 0 health before they do the same to you, but expect many twists and turns along the way!

A set of rules called the Priority System (in addition to a Villain’s unique rules) govern how the Villain behaves on their turn. The Priority System gives the Villain several distinct advantages (Fate seems to be on their side, after all), but understanding and manipulating it can create a path to victory against all odds.

Unlock and Adapt

As you achieve various feats and milestones across games, you’ll unlock multiple legacy packs for each Villain that introduce new twists. These keep the experience fresh and exciting, and offer new deckbuilding challenges as the Villains’ stories unfold.

Once again, I'd love to hear what you think! Let me know in the comments or on any of the socials below. If you'd like to see the game in action, you can watch a full game playthrough on TTS here.

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